Which Rooms to Paint if You’re on a Budget


Painting your house can cost a hefty amount. In fact, you spend so much on materials and prep that it’s going to take longer for you to get back your earnings than for the paint to dry. In this article, we introduce budget 101: what rooms to paint first when you’re saving.

Tips for Painting on a Budget:


  • Skip the Painters Tape: It takes way too much time to put the tape up and strip it down when you’re done. It’s also quite pricey. There are two ways you can paint your edges neatly without painters tape. The first method is quite tricky, and we do suggest having a clean cloth handy should you need to make some changes. First, buy a large putty knife; around six inches. You can hold it along the edge while you paint. The clean cloth is to wipe it clean after painting one side.



The second step is cutting in paint. You can get more information about it in other websites, but this is the method that is commonly used by professional painters.

    • Choose Simple Colors: Buying multiple cans of paint even the cheapest kind  still costs a lot. Before going out to buy materials, decide on the colors you will paint your home. For every level of you home, it would be good to paint it one color so you don’t have to buy too many cans of paints for different colors.


  • Invest in High Quality Paint: This may contradict what we are talking about. Or it seems to. However, investing in high quality paint means that you don’t have to constantly paint over it. High quality paint lasts much longer and is least likely to chip, which is why we suggest that this is what you splurge on when buying materials for your renovations.
  • Choose Quality Paint brushes: Cheap paint brushes tend to shed hair, this is something you want to avoid if you’re looking to save money on the paint job. Hair stuck in dry paint also tends to make it less likely for your paint to last long. If you prefer, you can get a roller sponge from the dollar store to cut down on cost.


What Room to Paint First:

For choosing which room to paint first, you should go with the living room. This is usually the largest area and uses most of the paint. Learn to estimate the right amount of paint that you need so you don’t accidentally buy too much paint.


Aside from that, the living room will help set the mood for your house. Once you know what theme you’re going for with your paint, you will also be able to choose your color scheme.


Painting your whole house is an expensive renovation. But here are some ways you can cut down on costs without skimping on quality. These are our tips for budget 101: what rooms to paint first when you’re saving.

Fun Things To Do In Fort Zumwalt Park In O’Fallon, Missouri

If you’ve been anywhere near O’Fallon, Missouri, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve heard of the beautiful, historic, 48-acre Fort Zumwalt Park. Between structures built in the late 1800s and 1700s, miles of winding walk and pathways, 18-hole disc golf courses, and more, the park is a utopia for adventurers of all types. For lifetime residents of the area and those simply passing through, a visit to Fort Zumwalt Pak is a memorable experience that seems to have something for everyone of any age.

Here are three fun things to enjoy doing by yourself, with a friend, with your family and more at Fort Zumwalt Park:

  • The Fort: Disc Golf Course
  • Zumwalt’s Fort Tours
  • Seasonal Events

Free Disc Golf Course

Fort Zumwalt Park is the home of O’Fallon’s first disc golf course, is free of charge for open play, and is open to all ages during normal park hours. The park even offers free score cards that can be located near the first tee. Printable PDF documents of the course map and a scorecard are also available on the official Fort Zumwalt Park website. Public restrooms are close by.

The scenic course length is some 4,290 feet from the red beginner markers and 5,957 feet from the white intermediate markers. Players will find themselves using multiple types of discs to battle on the open fairway and rolling hills, with a beautifully wooden canopy above from Fort Zumwalt’s tree landscaping.

Historic Sites

Along with the natural beauty of the park, there are two historic sites that can be viewed and are open on specific days for tours. One of these locations is the infamous Zumwalt’s Fort, which is the only War of 1812 rebuilt settler fort in the state of Missouri. The fort was once a log home built by Jacob Zumwalt in the late 1700s, and once Native Americans began ambushing and killing American settlers in the War of 1812’s guerilla raids, area families fled to Zumwalt’s home for protection. The home is noted to have been fortified with a stockade fence, and those who sought shelter there received their drinking, cooking and cleaning water from the nearby spring, now known as Lake Whetsel.

Zumwalt’s Fort is open for tours beginning on the fourth Sunday of May and they run all the way until the fourth Sunday of September. In between May and September, the tours continue only on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. The three hour long tour begins at noon and ends at 3:00 p.m. Admission is $5.00 per person, but children under 10 years of age are granted free admission. For groups consisting of 10 or more individuals, a two-week notice must be given.

The Heald Home, a German-Italianate-Victorian brick home built by Darius Heald in the late 1800s, is also in Fort Zumwalt Park. It contains its original interior woodwork and economical coal-burning fireplaces.

The city does a lot of work keeping the Fort looking beautiful year round. The outside is kept looking nice with fresh paint by companies like O’Fallon Painting Contractors.

Seasonal Events

Looking for something fun to do in O’Fallon this Christmas season? Visit Fort Zumwalt Park during the holiday light display known as Celebration of Lights. Open from November 29 until December 30, every light scene is designed and funded by the area’s churches, businesses and organizations. Drive through the park at night at the admission price of $10.00 a vehicle, $15.00 for commercial vans and limousines, and $1.00 per person on a tour bus. Enjoy a specialty ride around the park via train or horse-drawn carriage or trolley.

In the evenings of December 9 and 10, Fort Zumwalt Park opens up for the Old-Fashioned Holiday Stroll, giving attendees the opportunity to walk through the park full of holiday lights.

Want to get out and about early this spring? On May 4, Fort Zumwalt Park will be hosting the event known as O’Fallon Founders Day. Interactive demonstrations of heritage skills, cow milking, petting zoos, cattle wrangling, leather stamping, live bluegrass music and a tree dedication are just some of the activities to do that day.

Self-guided tours of some of the park’s historical sites are open at an admission price of a $5.00 donation for ages 11 and up. Food, drink and handmade items from vendors will be available for purchase. Admittance to the park is free on O’Fallon Founders Day.


Founders’ Day. City of O’Fallon, City of O’Fallon, MO., 2012-2018, https://www.ofallon.mo.us/founders-day.

Picture By Classiv – Iphone photo 2017Previously published: never, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Fun Things To Do In South Texas (Rio Grand Valley Area)

Are you planning for a vacation and you lack the best place to go? If yes! You are in the right place. South Texas, Rio Grand Valley is truly one of the best places to visit. The area has numerous naturals wonders & offers a rich culture and history to explore.

Whether you’re going there over the weekend, spending the winter there or moving to the region, the number of things to do are so many.

To help you get started, we have shared with you great places to visit and have fun in Rio Grand Valley.

  • South Padre Island
    South Padre Island is one of the best destinations in Rio Grand Valley. It has beautiful white sand beaches, friendly atmosphere, warm waters, and beautiful sunsets just to mention a few.The Isla Blanca Park will offer you beautiful beach fronts, enjoy fishing, taking a dip in the water among others. You will never be bored. The place has great things to do.This island has plenty of amazing dining and awesome nightlife to make your visit unique and memorable. It is really a unique, romantic destination.
  • Gladys Porter Zoo
    The Zoo has so many plants and over 1,500 animals. The zoo has specialized in breeding various endangered species. Visitors can have quality time seeing animals like giraffes, gorillas, rhinos, crocodiles, kangaroos, zebras, wallabies, lions among others.The zoo offers an interactive and unique experience to visitors where they can touch, feed and interact with animals under the supervision of the Zoo staff member. If you are birds enthusiasts you will be amazed by a high number of birds flocking the zoo.When we were at the Zoo, we met Javier with Mcallen Roadside Assistance & Towing (https://www.towtruckmcallen.com). He’s been in the McAllen area a long time and told us about some other great places to visit.
  • Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park
    Prepare yourself for wild and wet fun at Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park. Here you will be offered thirteen (13) thrilling water slides as well as water attractions for cooling the South Texas heat.The place will offer you an opportunity of trying your surfing skills on the Boogie Bahn , riding on the Rio Aventura, or hanging out in the Rio Beach. In whatever you do, remember using sunscreen. It’s the favorite and most amazing destination in South Texas.
  • Bentsen – Rio Grande Valley State Park
    It’s an incredible park with amazing natural beauty. Whether you are birds enthusiasts, or you like spending quality time in nature, the Bentsen – Rio Grande Valley State Park is a unique place to enjoy all these.In fact, it’s a world – class bird watching destination. The area can also be accessed via the wheelchair.The park also has trails dotted with water features and feeding station for attracting birds so the visitors can encounter amazing wildlife as they enjoy exploring. While visiting the park, there are varieties of guided nature tours you can participate in.

    These tours enable visitors to learn various things about birds, dragonflies, butterflies, and other creatures.

  • McAllen Convention Center
    The center is the city’s multipurpose entertainments venue. It hosts almost everything ranging from hunting, sports events, home & craft expos, graduations, conferences, concerts among others.The venue has numerous activities to have fun during your visit to South Texas, Rio Grand Valley.

There are amazing things to do in Rio Grand Valley. Never will you be bored during your visit. The above discussed places to visit is just a tip of the iceberg. However, they top the best places to visit to have fun and have a memorable experience in your Rio Grand Valley stay.

Quirky destinations you must fix a date with:

If you’re that quirky character who hangs out with the quirkiest people in equally quirky locations, why travel normal then? Here’s your ticket to planning a vacation to the quirkiest places in the world that are sure to feed your hippie soul! Here we go!

Thor’s Well, USA:

This gaping depression right in the middle of the sea is indeed a sight to watch. Water gushes with great force right into this crater, making one wonder where exactly does it go! Especially when the seas are rough – the sight is one for the eyes to behold! Wonder if it’s really got something to do with Thor and his Hammer! Just make sure you’re safe and in proper weather conditions while visiting here.

Tianzi Mountains, China:
More like castles, these mountains are indeed stunners! They’re composed of limestone, which is white in color and are garlanded with green creepers, leaving a few white patches here and there – making these mountains a sight to behold. Also known as the floating mountains, you can take a cable car that leads you to this breathtaking site!

Spotted Lake, Canada:
This is a sacred lake in Canada – and the reason behind why people here revere this lake so much is even more intriguing! The water in this lake evaporates during summer, leaving behind mineral pools. And the interesting part about it? Each pool is of a different color than that of the pool beside it! And this is such a treat to the eyes – watching the water in the lake dotted with colorful spots. Make sure you visit this place at the right time in the year to witness this incredible natural phenomenon!

Lake Hillier, Australia:
Anyone here loves a lake which is of any color other than the trademark blue? How about pink? Well, this lake in Australia is Pink in color! A little shoutout to Lake Hillier for being out-of-box and so, so beautiful! This is a personal favorite on this list, and I’m definitely giving this place a visit – a Pink lake that’s dotted with greenery – a  treat to these eyes! And you must be wondering why this lake is pink – it’s because of high salinity level, which is home to salt-based Dunaliella algae and Halobacteria – all these three components are instrumental in making this lake go pink!

Did you zero down your off-beat location?

Most romantic destinations in the world:

Traveling with someone you love is one of the best feelings in the world. And you’ve always got a chance to make it even more special with choosing a destination that has romance in its air! So which are those destinations which you should be sneaking out to with your partner – read on to know more!

Carmel, California:
If you’re both beach bums and tucking away into a beach for some we-time is your thing, head to Carmel! This place has some of the most stunning beaches in the world – the weather isn’t too harsh – just right for a pleasant stroll on the beach, walking hand-in-hand with your partner, making memories to last for a lifetime. You could also hire a car and explore the hidden jewels of Carmel as you drive through!

Santorini, Greece:
You must have scrolled through your Instagram feed and come across so many couples posting pictures of themselves – soaking in the beauty of Santorini. This place is a must visit for every couple, at least once in their lifetime. And if you ask me why, I’d surely say that there’s something mystically romantic in the very soil of Santorini – the moment you step in here, you feel different! Get yourself a room in the best hotels here, which give you some stunning views of this serene city. And don’t forget to capture those picture perfect moments against the most scenic views of Santorini!

Quebec, Quebec City:
The very charm and aura of this city will make you cuddle up with your partner, hug them, kiss them right there! The quaint essence of this city will make you wish you could wait back there forever! And why not? Streets full of snow, Cafes, and restaurants that have coziest ambiance and decor – who wouldn’t want to spend a lifetime with their loved one here? So if you have an anniversary or birthday of your better half, head right here! And if nothing is coming up, you don’t really need to have a reason to step in here!

Florence, Italy:

Undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in the world, Florence in Italy is something you have to explore and experience, with your partner! The views, the wine, the antique cafes, and also the museums which boast of masterpieces from some of the best artists in the world – each of it contributes to making the atmosphere super romantic and cozy here. Head away to Florence and make the most of what this beautiful city has to offer to you!