Fun Things To Do In South Texas (Rio Grand Valley Area)

Are you planning for a vacation and you lack the best place to go? If yes! You are in the right place. South Texas, Rio Grand Valley is truly one of the best places to visit. The area has numerous naturals wonders & offers a rich culture and history to explore.

Whether you’re going there over the weekend, spending the winter there or moving to the region, the number of things to do are so many.

To help you get started, we have shared with you great places to visit and have fun in Rio Grand Valley.

  • South Padre Island
    South Padre Island is one of the best destinations in Rio Grand Valley. It has beautiful white sand beaches, friendly atmosphere, warm waters, and beautiful sunsets just to mention a few.The Isla Blanca Park will offer you beautiful beach fronts, enjoy fishing, taking a dip in the water among others. You will never be bored. The place has great things to do.This island has plenty of amazing dining and awesome nightlife to make your visit unique and memorable. It is really a unique, romantic destination.
  • Gladys Porter Zoo
    The Zoo has so many plants and over 1,500 animals. The zoo has specialized in breeding various endangered species. Visitors can have quality time seeing animals like giraffes, gorillas, rhinos, crocodiles, kangaroos, zebras, wallabies, lions among others.The zoo offers an interactive and unique experience to visitors where they can touch, feed and interact with animals under the supervision of the Zoo staff member. If you are birds enthusiasts you will be amazed by a high number of birds flocking the zoo.When we were at the Zoo, we met Javier with Mcallen Roadside Assistance & Towing ( He’s been in the McAllen area a long time and told us about some other great places to visit.
  • Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park
    Prepare yourself for wild and wet fun at Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park. Here you will be offered thirteen (13) thrilling water slides as well as water attractions for cooling the South Texas heat.The place will offer you an opportunity of trying your surfing skills on the Boogie Bahn , riding on the Rio Aventura, or hanging out in the Rio Beach. In whatever you do, remember using sunscreen. It’s the favorite and most amazing destination in South Texas.
  • Bentsen – Rio Grande Valley State Park
    It’s an incredible park with amazing natural beauty. Whether you are birds enthusiasts, or you like spending quality time in nature, the Bentsen – Rio Grande Valley State Park is a unique place to enjoy all these.In fact, it’s a world – class bird watching destination. The area can also be accessed via the wheelchair.The park also has trails dotted with water features and feeding station for attracting birds so the visitors can encounter amazing wildlife as they enjoy exploring. While visiting the park, there are varieties of guided nature tours you can participate in.

    These tours enable visitors to learn various things about birds, dragonflies, butterflies, and other creatures.

  • McAllen Convention Center
    The center is the city’s multipurpose entertainments venue. It hosts almost everything ranging from hunting, sports events, home & craft expos, graduations, conferences, concerts among others.The venue has numerous activities to have fun during your visit to South Texas, Rio Grand Valley.

There are amazing things to do in Rio Grand Valley. Never will you be bored during your visit. The above discussed places to visit is just a tip of the iceberg. However, they top the best places to visit to have fun and have a memorable experience in your Rio Grand Valley stay.