Quirky destinations you must fix a date with:

If you’re that quirky character who hangs out with the quirkiest people in equally quirky locations, why travel normal then? Here’s your ticket to planning a vacation to the quirkiest places in the world that are sure to feed your hippie soul! Here we go!

Thor’s Well, USA:

This gaping depression right in the middle of the sea is indeed a sight to watch. Water gushes with great force right into this crater, making one wonder where exactly does it go! Especially when the seas are rough – the sight is one for the eyes to behold! Wonder if it’s really got something to do with Thor and his Hammer! Just make sure you’re safe and in proper weather conditions while visiting here.

Tianzi Mountains, China:
More like castles, these mountains are indeed stunners! They’re composed of limestone, which is white in color and are garlanded with green creepers, leaving a few white patches here and there – making these mountains a sight to behold. Also known as the floating mountains, you can take a cable car that leads you to this breathtaking site!

Spotted Lake, Canada:
This is a sacred lake in Canada – and the reason behind why people here revere this lake so much is even more intriguing! The water in this lake evaporates during summer, leaving behind mineral pools. And the interesting part about it? Each pool is of a different color than that of the pool beside it! And this is such a treat to the eyes – watching the water in the lake dotted with colorful spots. Make sure you visit this place at the right time in the year to witness this incredible natural phenomenon!

Lake Hillier, Australia:
Anyone here loves a lake which is of any color other than the trademark blue? How about pink? Well, this lake in Australia is Pink in color! A little shoutout to Lake Hillier for being out-of-box and so, so beautiful! This is a personal favorite on this list, and I’m definitely giving this place a visit – a Pink lake that’s dotted with greenery – a  treat to these eyes! And you must be wondering why this lake is pink – it’s because of high salinity level, which is home to salt-based Dunaliella algae and Halobacteria – all these three components are instrumental in making this lake go pink!

Did you zero down your off-beat location?