Which Rooms to Paint if You’re on a Budget


Painting your house can cost a hefty amount. In fact, you spend so much on materials and prep that it’s going to take longer for you to get back your earnings than for the paint to dry. In this article, we introduce budget 101: what rooms to paint first when you’re saving.

Tips for Painting on a Budget:


  • Skip the Painters Tape: It takes way too much time to put the tape up and strip it down when you’re done. It’s also quite pricey. There are two ways you can paint your edges neatly without painters tape. The first method is quite tricky, and we do suggest having a clean cloth handy should you need to make some changes. First, buy a large putty knife; around six inches. You can hold it along the edge while you paint. The clean cloth is to wipe it clean after painting one side.



The second step is cutting in paint. You can get more information about it in other websites, but this is the method that is commonly used by professional painters.

    • Choose Simple Colors: Buying multiple cans of paint even the cheapest kind  still costs a lot. Before going out to buy materials, decide on the colors you will paint your home. For every level of you home, it would be good to paint it one color so you don’t have to buy too many cans of paints for different colors.


  • Invest in High Quality Paint: This may contradict what we are talking about. Or it seems to. However, investing in high quality paint means that you don’t have to constantly paint over it. High quality paint lasts much longer and is least likely to chip, which is why we suggest that this is what you splurge on when buying materials for your renovations.
  • Choose Quality Paint brushes: Cheap paint brushes tend to shed hair, this is something you want to avoid if you’re looking to save money on the paint job. Hair stuck in dry paint also tends to make it less likely for your paint to last long. If you prefer, you can get a roller sponge from the dollar store to cut down on cost.


What Room to Paint First:

For choosing which room to paint first, you should go with the living room. This is usually the largest area and uses most of the paint. Learn to estimate the right amount of paint that you need so you don’t accidentally buy too much paint.


Aside from that, the living room will help set the mood for your house. Once you know what theme you’re going for with your paint, you will also be able to choose your color scheme.


Painting your whole house is an expensive renovation. But here are some ways you can cut down on costs without skimping on quality. These are our tips for budget 101: what rooms to paint first when you’re saving.